Specialist in Mesotherapy and Mesohomeopathy
Argentina Professional License 76651 – Prov. of Buenos Aires Professional License 25855 – MSP ROU 17303

Dr. Ruben Norberto Picon graduated from the National University of La Plata (Argentina) on December 19th, 1973. He began his professional practice in the Orthopedics and Traumotology Department of Quilmes Hospital. He took specialization courses at the Center Hospitalier Charles Perrens, Bordeaux, France, where he got his International University Diploma in Mesotherapy at the Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux II, France. He is a founding member of the Asociación Argentina de Mesoterapia (Argentine Mesotherapy Association) and of the Asociación Argentina de Medicina Estética (Argentine Esthetic Medicine Association). He held executive positions in the Argentine Mesotherapy Association until the presidency in 2000.

Director of annual courses by the Argentine Mesotherapy Association. Former co-director of the post-graduate course in Mesotherapy of the Universidad J. F. Kennedy (J. F. Kennedy University, Argentina) and the Universidad Interamericana del Litoral (Litoral Interamerican University, Argentina).

Author of a great amount of published articles in various specialized journals and magazines of general interest throughout more than thirty years of practice.

Dr. Rubén Picon consulting the book “Treatise of Mesotherapy Pharmacology”, of his authorship.
First Hispanic French-Argentinean Congress, in the Board Committee, 1981.

Director member, speaker and coordinator of several International Symposia and Congresses. The following stand out among his papers: “Post femur fracture Osteomielitis”, “Jumper’s knee”, in Brussels, Belgium; “Mesotherapy Treatment of Circulatory Insufficiency in Cholangiopathies” in Paris, France; “Peripheral Nerve Compression Syndrome” and “Subacromial Syndrome in Painful Shoulder: local mesotherapy treatment, dermoneurodystrophy, radicular and plexus treatment” in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mesotherapy treatment with muscle relaxants in hip arthrosis” in Bordeaux, France, and “Mesohomeopathy” in national symposia. Other works on environment issues include “Treatment of Industrial Residues” (Colegio de Medicos; Physicians Association D II) and “Transgenics and Transgenic Soy” (Hospital Posadas), Buenos Aires University), “Chagas and Environment”, University of La Plata, among others.

Co-author of the book “Tratado de Farmacologia Mesoterápica” (Treatise of Mesotherapy Pharmacology), a pioneering compilation of mesopharmacology which includes the first world classification of “Dermo-epidermal Action Drugs and Hypodermic Action Drugs” (pages 151 to 182). He wrote this book with the participation of his wife, Dr. Celia Maria Engelbrecht and Dr. J. Silva. He got his Ph. D. in Medicine on the 27th of April, 2001 in the Republic of Uruguay.

Charles Pernees Hospital, Bordeaux, France.
Gala dinner at Dr. Philippe Petit’s Chateaux. Former President of the International Society of Mesotherapy, Bordeau, France, 1995.

Due to his social and professional activity assisting and advising professional sports teams he received acknowledgements from Quilmes Atletico Club, Asociación Deportiva Berazategui; Club San Telmo, Club Argentino de Quilmes, etc. He was a nominee for the “El Candil de Quilmes” prize in the year 2002. He donated a book of his authorship to every Library in the Department of Quilmes (Quilmes, Solano, Ezpeleta and Bernal cities) in a memorable day in Radio K, in the radio show “EL Tranvía de Maria Elena, Un Viaje por la Cultura” (Maria Elena’s Streetcar, A Trip around Culture), year 2003. He is currently a life member of the Asociación Médica Argentina (Argentine Medical Association) and a member of the French Mesotherapy Society, Director of International courses in Pain Mesotherapy, Esthetic Medicine and Mesohomeopathy at the Escuela Latinoamerciana de Mesoterapia (Latin American Mesotherapy School) in Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Family Life, with his wife Celia and daughters Patricia, Priscila and Viviana.
Arriving home. A moving moment with his grand-daughter Naraiana.